Walls & Beams

We have walls and beams, window and door openings, garage slab and roof shingles! We are also in the final stages of plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-ins. Its amazing how quickly these last few weeks have flown by and I'm honestly loving it all. We have been staring at a set of plans for over [...]

Little Modern Inspiration Board

Considering we have had the land for almost two years it is safe to say we have had a lot of time to find inspiration for our Little Modern Cabin build. I have been collecting Pinterest and Instagram images, magazine clippings,  and finish samples for quite some time and I thought it would be fun [...]

Scratch-Made Modern

Where did you start?? Where did you find your plans? How did you know what you were looking for? How do you know how much the plan you found will cost to build? Who will draw a set of plans for me?. . . These are all questions that I have been asked through out this [...]