We have walls and beams, window and door openings, garage slab and roof shingles! We are also in the final stages of plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-ins. Its amazing how quickly these last few weeks have flown by and I’m honestly loving it all.

We have been staring at a set of plans for over a year now and know every inch by heart, but there is nothing like seeing it come to life! It quite honestly has far exceeded my expectations which makes the difficult beginning stages already worth it.

So lets jump in! June 6th was the day we were leaving for vacation and was also the second day of framing. Thankfully we were able to swing by the job site that morning and get a peek before getting on a plane (lets face it, there was no way I was missing that!)



It was so tough missing out on the process of framing while we were on vacation but our contractor sent us daily updates to hold me over till we got back…




Coming home from vacation always sucks….but getting to come home to a completely framed house sucks a whole lot less! Ha! Framing is always my favorite part of a project with my clients!  It’s the first time you can tangibly see all of the designing, planning and coordinating that goes into this process.

Below I am sharing a few shots of each space and how it looks currently with the rough-ins. Enjoy!






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