Well there is no turning back now! Before last week AJ and I would joke about how we were going to just list our property with a driveway and wash our hands of it all if things didn’t pick up soon… (yeah right!) but on Wednesday our Little Modern Cabin got her feet! Footings that is… Now we are in it knee deep (literally) and I’m so excited.

Pouring footers is the first step in creating our home’s foundation. Next will come block and then, my favorite part, FRAMING!!!

Barrett hung with us all day to make sure everyone was doing their job… He has been with us through every major event so it was only fitting to have him there.

Barrett on Site

Once the footers were poured you could see the shape of our Little Modern Cabin starting to form, (if you look really really hard…and kinda squint…and know at all what you are looking at) but she is there I promise!

We capped our exciting week with a bonfire on site to celebrate… also because we have SO MUCH firewood now and I really love S’mores… Here’s to many, many more of these!


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