Considering we have had the land for almost two years it is safe to say we have had a lot of time to find inspiration for our Little Modern Cabin build. I have been collecting Pinterest and Instagram images, magazine clippings,  and finish samples for quite some time and I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of it.

For our Little Modern Cabin I was really drawn to Nordic/ Scandinavian architecture. I love the clean roof lines and natural wood elements characteristic to this style and I am really drawn to the minimalist lifestyle it evokes.  For the interior, I wanted to incorporate storage as design element. I am not one for clutter and I like to use the things that I have instead of piling them away in the back of a closet.  From my everyday dish to my grandmothers bud vase I want to be able to see our things that bring me joy!

Natural finishes and neutral colors are a big part of the design as well. I work with color all day so when I come home I like to have a clean palette. Truthfully white and black are my two favorite colors that I never seem to get tired of!

Other features we were inspired by for our Little Modern Cabin were open spaces, lots of natural light, rustic elements, and vaulted ceilings. If you want to see more inspiration check out my Pinterest board and Instagram account.


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