Our Little Big Life

Welcome to the Southern Modern Blog! My name is Deidre and I am a self-proclaimed southern girl who loves modern design. I am the wife to an amazing LEO, (he tolerates all of the projects I start around the house) mom to three German Shepherds, (dog hair has become part of my DNA now) and interior designer at a small local firm here in Nashville, TN. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many different clients but nothing compares to designing for yourself! (which so far is a lot harder than designing for someone else. HA!)

photo credit: Amanda Gann   http://www.amanda-gann.com

My husband and I have recently began the journey of designing and building what we are calling our Little Modern Cabin in the Wood (insert excited, anxious, nervous gulp here!) About a year and a half ago we found the land for our building site.  I have to admit that it really was not ideal as far as terrain, but we could not pass up the price and the location was perfect! Immediately we started day dreaming, pinning, sketching, and designing. Hubby really let me take the rains on this considering it is what I do for a living. However, he did have a few very specific requests that played into a major part of the design and function of our house (but that can be for another post). We dove right in and went through the process of drawing up plans, meeting with contractors, the bank, and so on. What we soon realized is that this beginning process was going to be anything but quick. We would need plot maps, perk tests, surveys, appraisals, septic plans, and grid layouts as well as topographic maps, driveway elevation drawings, and approvals. (I’m probably missing something else…) Then after all of that was the bank loan process which was a whole different set of hoops to jump through! Long story short, 2017 was the year of learning patience!


In addition to our new build, we are still in the process of updating our first home, the Little Brick Ranch. We have owned our first home for going on 4 years now and it has been our fixer upper. From laying all new hardwood floors ourselves to building a deck off the back and everything in between it has been a labor of love…or the never ending project…which ever way you choose to look at it, it’s been fun.


If all of that isn’t enough we are managing our first little rental property and we hope that it will not be our last.

I am definitely not a writer or photographer (so please look past the typos and bad lighting sometimes…) but I do love inspiring others.  I look forward to sharing our journey and experiences along the way in hopes that it may encourage someone else on their own journey of fixer uppers, renovations, new builds and anything in between! I am not sure how we became this lucky… but I am learning daily, living fully, and loving every minute of it!


3 Replies to “Our Little Big Life”

  1. So excited for you two. What a wonderful journey you are on together and I cannot wait to follow with you. Took us 2 years with our remodel and I never dreamed of all the decisions you have to make. But I know you both and you will have fun together building your little modern cabin.


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